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"Sweden will have a deficit of 160.000 health care professionals"

Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB) are estimating that in the year 2035, Sweden will have a deficit of 160.000 health care professionals. The deficit is caused by limitations in education. The number of seats are limited. There is a huge demand for nurses, specialized nurses and doctors.

Socialstyrelsen also note that the deficit of health care professionals will cause a huge demand for personnel. Also noting that net imigation up until 2012 has provided Swedish health care with a injection of personnel, but that the injection so far will not cover future demand.

ScandHealth Care’s goal is to recruit health care professionals internationally and from newly arrived groups in Sweden. After completing language education, and receiving licences from Socialstyrelsen needed to work in the health care sector in Sweden, the candidates are offered to hospitals and health care organisations. The founders of ScandHealth Care have long experience of international recruitment in the IT sector. We now see the opportunity and need to do the same in the health care sector.

With clear guidence we simplify the proccess of recruiting personnel internationally, and shorten the lead times otherwise assosiated with international recruitment of personnel.

  • Cost effective
  • Short lead times
  • Qualified personnel
  • Effective integration
Our goal is to improve swedish health care